Hi Raiders

We will be holding grading this year on the 16th of March.

Where: Newport Oval


Under 10’s – 9.15am arrival for a 9.30am Start.

Under 12’s – 11.15am arrival for a 11.30am Start

The grading will be held by Club officials. Mitch Murphy the coaching co-ordinator will be responsible for the day. Any coach who has a son being graded will not be permitted to participate in the grading activities. They of course can be involved in warming up their teams. They may also be approached by the grading staff on the day to answer questions regarding some of the players.

As part of the grading the players will be playing a game of full contact Rugby League so please have them prepared to play a real game. They will require a mouthguard at least and any other protective gear that they wear on any normal game day. Plus, also a water bottle

Please remember that the age groups of 9’s and up are competitive. That doesn’t in any way mean, that as a club we are win at all costs. We do however, like to put together competitive teams that will represent the club as best they can.

The thing to communicate to your son is to go out and do their best, so no matter what team they end up in, we are very proud that they have picked the Raiders as their club of choice.