Tom Trbojevic was one of the five lucky Holden Cup players to travel to Coffs Harbour and experience training with the NSW Blues camp. He has written about his trip below…. Thanks, Tom!

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to be asked to have the opportunity to go and train with the NSW State of Origin Blues side. It was one of the best experiences I have ever come across. Training with elite rugby league players who were about to represent their State in rugby leagues biggest rivalry, NSW vs Queensland!!!

On arrival, the players and staff were very welcoming and instantly accepted myself and a few other young players as a part of the squad. After a quick video session, the training session kicked off. We warmed up and got straight into it. The intensity, in which the training session was run, was unbelievable, and the level of professionalism all staff and players showed was mind-blowing.

Following training, the rest of the day consisted of free time where we got to get an insight into what these exceptional athletes enjoy doing in their spare time. We got to cruise around the hotel enjoying many activities like a friendly game of ping-pong or even a quick 9 hole round of golf.

The whole time in camp was an awesome experience and is one I hope to do again. The level of professionalism and the intensity at which the players train at was a real eye catcher and clearly shows what is needed to be an athlete that can play at that elite level.

From Tom


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