Hi All


Frank Sergi who is the man behind getting Newport Oval in top shape every week and (also a 2017 Short sponsor) when we have games has been working very hard behind the scenes to hopefully secure a new clubhouse for the mighty Raiders.



Frank has done everything possible to date and now needs your help in getting the Raiders Members to do a quick 3 minute online Submission. By doing this it will make it a priority for the council to approve a new clubhouse. Submissions close 2 July 2017 at midnight


After receiving comments, the final version of the strategy will be presented to Council at the meeting on 25 July, 2017. That document will then set the priorities for changes to sportsgrounds and to associated amenities.


Hi Frank

I confirm that I am available to meet on site on Thursday 6 July at 2:30 p.m.


At this stage, Council is not in a position to provide consent to any works until the Sportsgrounds Strategy is adopted. That strategy will determine the priorities for works on Council Sportsgrounds and associated buildings.


The initial draft of the Sportsgrounds Strategy has been placed on public display on the Council website at the “Your Say” section. A web-page was set up for the review process and the associated public consultation. That page has been updated with details of the strategy document.


Council is inviting  all interested parties to make comment on the document, with the consultation process being open until Sunday 2 July 2017.





Raiders Committee