In 2015, we will be grading from U8’s when we have 2 or more teams in an age group, as this is when competition starts in the MWJRL. The reality is that competition changes expectations and we believe that to maximise the potential and enjoyment of every player, we need to align our grading
policy with the start of competitive games. This change will also align us to what most other clubs will be doing and should help to provide better games and a more balanced competition at a younger age.

Note that grading will only be done for those who want to be given that opportunity – this won’t be dictated.  As a result, players can choose not to be graded, which basically means that they would not play in our top side, whichever Division that ends up being in.  Our overall aim is for the kids to have fun, be challenged, improve their skills and play at the level that is appropriate for them to achieve their goals.

Attached are the full details of the Mona Vale Raiders Grading Policy, what it means and how it will be implemented.

MV Raiders Grading Policy 2015

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