Our clubs History….

The following information has been taken from the archives of Pittwater R.S.L. Youth Club, Pittwater R.S.L. J.R.L.F.C.,& Mona Vale J.R.L.F.C. In September 1964 , Mona Vale Sports Club became incorporated with Pittwater R.S.L,and Pittwater R.S.L Youth Club was formed.

In 1964 League was strong in the Mona Vale area , and seven teams were entered. Two dedicated families involved in running of the club were Gordon & Janette Melville ,& Bob & June Johnston.

In 1965 & 1966 Four teams were entered.

In 1967 (Feb) Alan Wilson ,President of the Youth Club,announced that due to lack of support, there would be no R.L.teams.

In March 1967, due to staunch supporter,Harold Porter,an U/19 C grade was formed, and reached the finals.

In July 1968, discussions & extensive advertising at all levels failed to bring support and no teams were entered.

In April 1969, Reg Hansell had seventeen U/13 players to form an H grade.Jumpers were bottle green with a white V.Jack Halsted donated $10 to best & fairest player.

In April 1970 No teams fielded.

In April 1971 Reg Hansell fielded an F grade, just missing the semis by two points.

No teams were fielded until the club was reformed in 1978 by Norm Monico as Pittwater R.S.L. J.R.L.F.C.

In February 1978 an A grade side was entered in the M.W.J.R.L.competition. President -Norm Monico Coach-John Spittles Patron-Bernie Morris.

In February 1979 an A grade side , coached by Gary Spittles was entered. President Norm Monico.

In February 1980 an A grade side and junior H and J grades were entered. Coaches were A – Laurie Beetson. H – Carl Thorne. J-Ian Orr. President-Norm monico.

In February 1981 an A grade – Laurie Beetson, G grade – Carl Thorne, I grade – Ian Orr, J grade – John Wiles, K grade-Mick Robertson, Coaching director – Alan Thomson, President – Norm Monico, Patron-Bernie Morris.

In February 1982 an A grade – Alan Thomson, C grade – Dave Ross, F grade – Carl Thorne, H grade – Ian Orr, I grade – Frank Downing , J grade – Mick Robertson , K grade – Col Willett , N grade – Dave Cross. President Norm Monico.Also involved in running the club were Bernie Morris, Kevin Jones, Warwick Barber, J.Hennesey, Bob Powell, Terry Bourke, Dave McKerney, Wal Langford, June Thorne, Steve Clarke, Jeanette Haygarth, Jeff Estreich and Mary-Anne Langford.

No details available. New secretary – possibly – June Thorne or Di Burdon may be able to assist. Club was re named Mona Vale J.R.L.F.C Possibly in 1987.

At the A.G.M. held on 17th October,1989 the office bearers were – President – Norm Monico, Vice President – Eric Watts and Ray Purser , Secretary – Col Burdon , Treasurer – Richard Bell, Committee – Peter Thompson, Di Burdon, Brad Hirsch, Di Peck, Vicki Purser, Brian Gill, Kaye Thompson, Deidre Bell, Patron – Max Delmege.

In 1990 , Office Bearers were President – Norm Monico, Vice President – Chris Bourke, Secretary – Kay Millar & Di Burdon, Treasurer – Di Peck, Committee – Di Burdon, Wendy and Barry Masula, Steve Hogan, Eric Watts, Brad Hirch, Rob and Leslie Dolphin, Vicki Purser, Pam Thompson, Chris Hill, Tony Traynor, Heather Bourke, Peter Thompson, Patron-Max Delmege.

Teams nominated for 1991 season were , N Grade-L Grade-K Grade-I Grade-G Grade-F Grade-C Grade ?.

In 1991, Office Bearers as above,plus Carl Thorne and Lee Whitney.

Teams nominated 1992 season were ,F Grade , J1 and J2 , L Grade , M Grade , N Grade.