Round 9 Results

Updated: June 29, 2015

Saturday 27th June:

U6B vs Christian Bros – DRAW

U6W vs Forestville – DRAW

U6M vs Manly Cove – DRAW

U7W – Gala Day – DRAW

U7M – Gala Day – DRAW

U8W vs Nth Curl Curl (w) – DRAW

U8M vs Nth Curl Curl (m) – DRAW

U9 vs Beacon Hill – LOST 22-32 – MOM Baxter Warner (Great playing at home. Defence is improving with some solid tackling!)

U10W vs Avalon (w) – LOST 12-28 – MOM Jackson Malone (A great result seeing as we lost 10-50 last time we played them!)

U10M vs Nth Curl Curl – DRAW 12-12 – MOM Beau Morrison (After three weeks off, the team battled it out all the way, determined not to let them get one over us!)

U11 vs Cromer (b) – WON 42 – 36 – MOM Zac Newbold (with 22 pts to his name and some brutal tackling!!!!)

U12 vs Beacon Hill – LOST 4-34 – MOM Byron Grant (Tough game with only 10 players, the boys played their hearts out!!!!)

U13 vs Cromer (m) – LOST 10-28 – MOM Ben Cooper and Dallin Pukeroa

U14 vs Asquith – LOST 0-16 – MOM Angus O’Donnell

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