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Refereeing is a fun, exciting, non-contact way to be involved with Rugby League. You get to see all the action from the best position on the field and it’s a great way to keep fit at the same time. Referees play an important role in providing a fun and safe environment for all Rugby League participants.


Pre-requisites – N/A


Course Content


The Level 1 Referee course is an entry level course available for anyone 13 years and above, consisting of 3 components:


1) 10 Online modules (The Referee, Laws of the Game, Signal & Whistles, Role of the Touch judge, Fitness for officiating, Pre-Match, Match & Post Match Considerations, Practical Refereeing Theory, Management & Communication, Attitudes – Personal Qualities, Safety- Maintaining a proper environment).


2) Face to face modules: Overview of the above modules, with heavy focus on Laws of the game.


3) Practical Assessment: 3 on-field assessments to be completed throughout the season.


​Upon completion of the Online and Face-to-Face component of the course, the candidate will qualify as a ‘Referee in Training’ which enables them to referee the relevant age groups for a period of 18 months. During this time the candidate is required to undergo a practical assessment. If the candidate is deemed competent in 3 on-field assessments, they will be officially accredited as a Level 1 Referee.

Location – Nolan’s Reserve, North Manly (NSW / Australia)

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